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We are here to help you improve your skills and celebrate black hair.

Natural hair

Learn how to work on natural hair and other black hair styles.

Wigs and Weaves

Learn the ticks of Weaves and Wigs maintenance.

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Why Naturally By Julzz?

The NBJ series of courses is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the treatment and styling of Afro textured hair.

The range of courses covers best practices, good hair care regimes and the necessary tools for afro textured hair care. NBJ uses a progressive level of approach which focuses first on theory and basic practical techniques (Course 1 below) and then progresses into more intricate techniques of braiding and locs.

We teach you how to take care of black hair.

Certified Professional

At the end of this course, you will be certified in black hair. You will love your new skilss.

Qualified Teachers

Julietta Raoul is a Red Seal Hair Stylist with over 15 years professional salon experience in the practice of braiding, treatment, and styling of Afro textured hair.

Real Life

From day one, you will be practising on real humans. No need for theories over here.

Our Pricing Plan

Certified courses are for licensed hairstylist or graduated apprenticeship only. License number required.

Natural Hair Services

Module for Afro restored hair
$ 950
/2 Days
  • Primary course and recommended pre-requisite to course 2-5: At the end of this course a stylist will be able to analyze, shampoo, style, and care for clients with afro textured hair.

Braiding Techniques

$ 950
/half day
  • 2 - day course hands-on Braiding techniques with proper tension to maintain the client’s hair.

Lock it Up

$ 995
/2 Days
  • 2-day course $995 starter locs, techniques and grooming.

Loc It Up Advance

loc extensions repair and color
$ 999
/2 Days
  • 2 day course loc extensions repair and color

Home Hair Care

address clients home hair care needs
$ 50
/3 hrs
  • $50 3 hours address clients home hair care needs

Mom and Baby

Caring for children’s hair
$ 50
/3 hrs
  • Caring for kids’ hair from newborn.

One Day Braiding Techniques

$ 440

Relaxing And Texturizing

$ 350
  • Learn how to apply the proper strength to various textures, timing and how to choose the outcome of your chemical process to client satisfaction and health hair results.


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